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Spider Demo Kitchen

The demonstration kitchen is committed to promoting lifelong culinary and nutrition skills through cooking demonstrations and classes. These programs encourage and promote healthy eating with fresh, minimally processed ingredients while also building community among students, staff, and faculty. Located in the Well-Being Center, we strive to build strong nutrition habits and create a culture of health and wellness through food.

Participants are empowered to make balanced food choices, understand good nutrition practices, and learn cooking techniques. Demonstrations are taught by the UR registered dieticians, UR chefs and guest chefs from the Richmond area. Click here to watch a sweet potato demo!

April Calendar of Events: Global Flavors Inspire Healthy Dishes
Date Presentation Times
March 30 & 31 Taco Spiced Tofu 12 pm 
March 29 & April 1 Greek Lemon Chicken 12 pm & 5 pm
April 5 & 8 Golden Milk Smoothies 12 pm & 5 pm
April 6 & 7 Nori Wraps 12 pm & 5 pm
April 12 Pesto 12 pm & 5 pm
April 13 & 14 Matcha Baked Donuts 12 pm & 5 pm
April 15 Special Guest Demo 12 pm & 5 pm
April 19 Mango Lassi 12 pm & 5 pm
April 20 & 21 Tahini Overnight Oats with Fruit 12 pm & 5 pm
April 22 Special Guest Demo 12 pm & 5 pm
April 26 Pineapple Salsa & Baked Tortilla Chips 12 pm & 5 pm
April 27 & 28 Chai Spice Peach Sorbet 12 pm & 5 pm
April 29 8:15 Coffee Demo 12 pm & 5 pm

Featured Recipes:

Click for recipe cards with full ingredients and instructions:
Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice
Everything Bagel Kale Chips
Fruit Salad with Citrus Ginger Dressing
Banana-nut Baked Oatmeal Cups
Herb Tomato Ricotta Toast
Roasted Garlic Edamame Dip
Simply Guacamole
Vegan Carrot Cake Waffles
No Bake Granola Bars
Roasted Veggies with Tahini Sauce
Pasta Aglio e Olio
Zoodles with Parm and Burst Tomatoes
Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts
 Fresh Pasta Salad
Taco Spiced Tofu
Lemon Oregano Chicken
Nori Wraps
Golden Milk Smoothies
Mango Lassi
Tahini Overnight Oats



April: Global Flavors

Throughout the month of April, we're exploring global flavors to build healthy dishes!

Our focus is on trying key ingredients, herbs, or spices from different cultures and cuisines to expand our palates while freshening up some classic dishes. Flavors from other cultures and cuisines can add a powerful punch of flavor and nutrition.

By using these ingredients, we can add taste and variety to our food without adding extra sugar, saturated fats, or salt. Instead, we add antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats. Fresh, new flavors will have you wanting to explore more from different cultures and will provide ideas for nutritious meals and snacks.