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Edible Bytes Mobile Menus

Edible Bytes is a nutrition app that will display the nutrition facts label, ingredient lists and allergens for all of the food made on campus at the different cash operations and the Heilman Dining Center.

1)     If you get an error during use, keep pushing the button as it sometimes takes a few times to go through.

2)     At the self serve stations in the Heilman Dining Center, portion sizes are in ounces.  The handles on the serving utensils (scoops) state the portion size for that scoop.

  • The scoops that are in the rice, vegetables, and other starches are usually 4oz scoops.
  • The scoops in the soup are either 8oz or 12oz

3)     Food items that are prepackaged by the manufacturer, such as potato chips will not be on Edible Bytes as the nutrition facts are already included by law.

4)     Starbucks drinks are not found on the app, but calorie information is available on a website at

5)     At the Heilman Dining Center some food selections and bars are located at specific stations.  See below for a guide on where this food is located on the Edible Bytes App:

  • Hemispheres= Grilled Cheese Station, Pho Noodle, Mongolian Grill, Egg Foo Yung
  • Spider Grill Special= Taco Bar, Indian Bar, Southern Bar
  • Spider Grill= chicken fingers, French fries, hot dogs, etc.

6)     The weekly specials at the retail dining locations and special events at the Heilman Dining Center are currently not available on the Edible Bytes menu app. If you have questions about these items, please ask to speak directly with a manager.

7) Heilman Dining Center beverages are currently not available on Edible Bytes

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Karen Hensley at 804-289-8521 or

Dining Services provides information on the ingredients and nutritional content of the food served at the University dining facilities. Individuals with food allergies or intolerance should be aware, however, that the University cannot guarantee the accuracy of nutrition information. Ingredient and nutritional content of foods may vary due to recipe substitution, portion size, product availability, and manufacturer changes in product formulation. The nutrition analyses provided are approximations only.