You Can Help

Here's what you can do to promote sustainability on campus:

  • Choose meals responsibly: waste not, want not.
  • Only take what you will eat. If you want more, come back for seconds.
  • Eat seasonally.
  • Limit the number of napkins you use.
  • BYOB (Bring your own bag) to the Heilman Dining Center, Eight Fifteen at Boatwright, ETC and the Dean's Den. ETC will give you a five-cent credit/bag for using your own bags.
  • Recycle Aluminum cans throughout campus at the designated recycling stations.
  • Leave permanent ware in our food facilities (dishes, glasses, utensils, etc) so we do not have to replace it
  • Dine in rather than carry-out whenever possible
  • Properly dispose of packaging and waste.
  • Join campuses nationwide and "go trayless" when dining at the Heilman Dining Center. It reduces our global impact on the enviornmnt by:
    • Reducing food waste
    • Reducing dishwashing and the use of chemicals for washing trays
    • Conserving energy
    • Conserving water