Upcoming at HDC

You won't be hungry or bored with this summer's menu!

The Mongolian Grill is up and running this summer and will be featured select days each week.
This week look for it at lunch and dinner on Tuesday and Thursday.

Make your own Paninis this summer. 
Many of your favorite panini toppings can be found with the sub toppings on the salad bar during slow weeks or at The Campus Deli area during busier times.

Eat Tacos- Taco Bar is up and Running at Lunch and Dinner Monday-Friday

Meal Rates

(new rates, effective August 5)
Spider Card and Cash

Breakfast $7.00
Lunch $9.25
Dinner $11.25
Special Dinner $13.75

Guest Card and Admissions
Breakfast $6.25
Lunch $8.25
Dinner $10.25
Special Dinner Rate: $11.75

Seniors (65 and over)
Breakfast $6.25
Lunch/Brunch $8.25
Dinner $10.25
Special Dinner Rates: $11.75

Flex, Faculty and Staff with ID
Breakfast $6.00
Lunch $6.75
Dinner $8.75
Special Dinner Rates: $10.50

Children (ages 2-9)
All meals $6.00

UR Heard Feedback Program

Please let us know about your experience at any of the Dining Services locations. You may also ask a question of the dietician.


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