Upcoming at HDC

Wednesday March 4-Beach Destinations

Pho Noodle Station on Hemispheres- Available this week at dinner Monday, Wednesday, Friday; at lunch Tuesday, Thursday

Artisan Grilled Cheese & Flank Steak Sandwich Station on Hemisphere's-Available at dinner Tuesday, Thursday; at lunch Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Seared Seafood on Hemispheres-Thursday at Dinner

Southern Smoke BBQ Bar on Spider Grill- At lunch and dinner Tuesday, Friday

Full Taco Bar on Spider Grill- At lunch and dinner Monday, Thursday

Indian Bar -At lunch and dinner Wednesday

Panini Bar Special this week:Grilled Zucchini Caprese Panini Sandwich at lunch Monday- Friday and dinner on Wednesday

NEW- Paninis cooked to order now available on Saturday, Sunday at brunch.

Meal Rates

(new rates, effective August 5)
Spider Card and Cash

Breakfast $7.00
Lunch $9.25
Dinner $11.25
Special Dinner $13.75

Guest Card and Admissions
Breakfast $6.25
Lunch $8.25
Dinner $10.25
Special Dinner Rate: $11.75

Seniors (65 and over)
Breakfast $6.25
Lunch/Brunch $8.25
Dinner $10.25
Special Dinner Rates: $11.75

Flex, Faculty and Staff with ID
Breakfast $6.00
Lunch $6.75
Dinner $8.75
Special Dinner Rates: $10.50

Children (ages 2-9)
All meals $6.00

UR Heard Feedback Program

Please let us know about your experience at any of the Dining Services locations. You may also ask a question of the dietician.


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