HDC Green Box Program

The HDC Green Box Program offers guests the opportunity to take away from HDC using a sustainable container. Guests are asked to return the container, which will be washed and sanitized for reuse. If you would like to eat in, return your Green Box for a carabineer that can be used to exchange for a new container later.


  1. Purchase an HDC Green Box from an HDC cashier for a one-time, non-refundable $5 fee.
  2. Pay or swipe your card for a meal (if eating in and getting a meal to go, pay or swipe for 2 meals). 
  3. The HDC Green Box is priced to include:
    Two entrees or one ticketed entrée
    Side dishes and/or salad
    Dessert or novelty ice cream
    1 piece of fresh fruit
  4. Please make sure to rinse and return your Green Box to the HDC to get a new container OR get a carabineer to trade in for a fresh Green Box at a later time.

You are required to keep your receipt taped to the top of your box. We reserve the right to check your box at any time.