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Heilman Dining Center is now offering take-out meals.

  1. Purchase HDC TO GO container for $5.00 from cashier.
  2. Pay or Swipe your card for meal. 
  3. If eating in and getting a meal to go, pay or swipe for 2 meals.
  4. The meal receipt will be taped on top of the HDC TO GO container.
  5. The HDC TO GO PROGRAM is priced to include:
    Two entrees or one ticketed entrée
    Side dishes and/or salad
    Dessert or novelty ice cream
    1 piece of fresh fruit.
  6. Return the washed container for a new container or a
    carabineer to trade in for a to go box at another time.
  • You are required to keep your receipt taped to the top of your box. We reserve the right to check your box at any time. Thank you and enjoy your meal.