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Heilman Dining Center is now offering take-out meals.

  • Pay a one-time fee for the reusable container at the cashier's station: $7 for a container and a new Lug-a-Mug or $5 for a container only.
  • The cashier will hold your ID after you pay with your meal plan, or with cash.
  • Fill up the container with your HDC favorites. There is a 28ounces food limit per swipe or purchase.
  • Select a dessert (have them wrap it at the dessert counter) or ice cream novelty and a piece of fruit. This does not count as part of your 28 ounces.
  • Get a beverage in your Lug-a-Mug (only).
  • Take it back to the cashier where they will check the weight and return your ID.
  • After finishing your meal to-go, rinse out your container and return it to the Heilman Dining Centerfor a clean container the next time you need a meal to go. We will wash, sanitize, and recycle the container you return.
  • Sorry, no discounts or bonus meals for faculty and staff take-out.