Recycling and Waste Management


  • We will recycle glass, steel, aluminum, grease, office paper, toner cartridges, newspaper and corrugated cardboard.
  • We will render waste meat by-products and spent cooking oils that could otherwise lead to environmental contamination. One hundred percent of the used frying oil is recycled into high-energy fat used in animal feeds, or in biofuel replacement for traditional fossil fuels in industry.

Waste Management

To minimize waste, Dining Services will:

  • Use "just in time" or batch-cooking methods in the Heilman Dining Center to minimize post-consumer and pre-consumer food waste.
  • Utilize food-management software programs to control costs, accurately forecast menus, reduce waste, and increase efficiency.
  • Effectively control inventories, rotate product, and keep minimum par levels to reduce spoilage.
  • Use electronic correspondence and forms.
  • Transport small deliveries by electric golf cart instead of large truck to reduce fuel usage.
  • Reduce over-use in automatically dispensing products by accurately setting controls to dispense correct amounts of product, with frequent inspections and corrections when needed.
  • Maintain high-efficiency dishwashers.
  • Work with campus environmental groups to conduct annual waste studies and awareness events.