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Our Sustainability Commitment

University of Richmond Dining Services will reduce its ecological footprint and meet sustainability objectives by:

This will be another exciting year of ‘Sustainable Dining’ on campus.  Last year we began with three major components of our Sustainable programing and spent time making the changes work within our current systems.  To bring attention to our efforts we had large banners made which hang in the dining room and at the dish room of the Heilman Dining Center.   This year we are proud to add to our success with endeavors that were already in practice but needed fine tuning and advertising with three new banners; Composting, Community Service and Recycling.   We also added an oversize poster that explains our efforts in detail to our consumers.  Even though the banners and information are located at the Heilman Dining Center this is a departmental goal and is inclusive of the retail operations which work very hard to support our sustainable efforts. 

This year we will continue to support the following:

  • Buy Local:  We are always expanding our list of local vendors as they become available.  Some the items we purchase locally include:  Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables, Twin Oak’s Tofu, Nabisco, Ready Mix Biscuit Mix, Sabra Hummus, Carolina Turkey, Smithfield Ham, Marva Maid Milk,  Blanchard’s Coffee, Glenview Farms Cheese and much more.   This year at the Heilman Dining Center we will be providing special signage for items indicating local vendors.
  • Sustainable Seafood:  University of Richmond Dining Services' Purchasing works with a local, sustainable seafood company; Profish, to buy the freshest seafood available each week and puts it on the menu accordingly.  When served, we post signage that indicates where the item is from and in most cases how it was caught or farmed.  This year we will be adding QR codes to the signage to enable people with smart phones to scan and go right to the information.
  • Green Chemicals:  Dining Services continues to subscribe to the use Ecolab’s Apex ware-washing systems that are engineered to protect the environment
  • Composting-  In partnership with the Department of Corrections, the Heilman Dining Center pulps food waste and delivers it bi-weekly to their site for composting (39,746 lbs this year)
  • Recycling:  We continue to support the campus wide efforts to recycle Newspaper, Office Paper, Ink Cartridges, Cardboard, Bottles, Aluminum Cans and Glass at all locations. In addition Dining Services recycles Cooking Oil/Grease at the Heilman Dining Center with weekly pickups totaling 1,685 lbs this year.
  • Community Service:  Dining Services joined forces with Campus Services at the Central Virginia Food Bank this Year to help pack backpacks.  Dining Locations on campus continue to provide support throughout the year to Build It and Feedmore.

 In addition:

  • Dining Services participates in the green offices efforts and is a bronze level participant.
  • Only purchase Energy Star equipment
  • Natural Gas
  • We are currently replacing Incandescent bulbs with led in the Heilman Dining Center and where
    possible in other locations.
  • Dining Services will handout 1200-1400 Live Well, Dine Green mugs to students on meal
    plans in September.  Mugs are designed with the same artwork as the banners.
  • Heilman Dining Center will continue to provide the reusable HDC to Go containers for purchase
    to carryout meals.
  • The Heilman Dining Center will continue its ‘Live Well, Dine Green’ events throughout the year.  For a full list of events click here.