Student Bagged Meals

University Dining Services understands it is not always possible to make it to the dining hall due to illness or scheduling conflicts. We provide student bagged meals in the following situations:

Carry Out Meals Due to Illness:

  • The University encourages any student too ill to attend class to check with the Student Health Center. If you need a meal replacement while you are sick, please fill out a Meal Request Form.
  • If you would like to pick up a hot meal from our buffet during lunch or dinner, please ask for a to-go box at the cash registers.
  • If you need meals for multiple days, please call 804-289-8523 to discuss with a HDC manager.

Class Conflict:

  • If a student has a required class conflict and cannot make it to the Heilman Dining Center or a retail dining location for a meal.
  • If a student has a class required event or field trip and will not be on campus to get a meal at the Heilman Dining Center or a retail dining location.