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Residential Dining

Heilman Dining Center

Listed in 'Southern Living' as one of the south's most stunning campus dining halls, the award-winning Heilman Dining Center is located lake-side across from the iconic Boatwright Library. Due to the Univeristy's current pandemic phase and Dining Services Safe Dining protocol, the traditional menu selections have changed and many of the favorites, bars and made-to-order selections are now being served in one of four zone areas. All of the great selections are available for dine-in or packed to go.  Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, access to the Heilman Center  building is limited to students, faculty and staff only.  No community visitors are allowed to dine on campus at this time. The Heilman Dining Center accepts cash, checks, major credit cards, department charges, Dining Dollars, and SpiderCards.

Effective October 5, there will be a surcharge of $.25 for a plastic bag.  Use your reusable bag, your own bag or backpack, purchase another reusable bag or pay for a plastic bag.

Fall Service Hours
Monday -Friday
Lunch      11:00am-3:30pm*
Dinner      4:00pm-8:00pm

Saturday & Sunday
Continental Breakfast   8:00am-10:30am*
Brunch      11:00am-3:30pm*
Dinner      4:00pm-8:00pm

*Seating areas & menu selections may be limited between meals for strict cleaning protocols

Alice Haynes Room (Lower level of Tyler Haynes Commons)

This great addition for residential dining will be available for Fall 2020 starting August 15 to insure we provide a safe dining environment for students, faculty, and staff that adheres to physical distancing requirements and to relieve possible longer than normal lines.  The same great menu selections will be available for pickup.  Although dine-in areas in the Tyler Haynes building will be limited or unavailable there will be tents set up for students use.  

Lunch      11:00am-3:45pm
Dinner      4:30pm-7:30pm

Dinner      Closed

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Scrambled EggsGFI
Pork BaconGFI
Turkey Bacon
Western Style Scrambled Eggs with HamGFI
Pork Sausage PattyGFI
Tater Wedges
French Toast Sticks
Steel Cut OatmealVG
Chicken Sausage, Egg, Cheese Biscuit
Egg, Cheese CroissantGFI
Chocolate MuffinsV
Espresso MuffinsV
Chocolate Cake DonutV
Fresh Fruit SaladVGGFI
Fruit Loops, Cheerios, Frosted Flakes
Assorted YogurtsVGFI
Chicken Parmesan
Grilled Chicken ParmesanGFI
Vegan Chicken ParmesanVGCO
Grilled AsparagusVGGFI
Squash MedleyVGGFI
Spider ChickenGFI
Boca Burger/BunVG
Curly Fries
Roman Cheese PizzaV
Roman Beef/Pork Pepperoni Pizza
Cauliflower Crust Cheese PizzaVGFI
Fresh Fruit SaladVGGFI
MTO Fruit & Spinach Salad
Tuna Salad Sandwich
Autumn Vegetable WrapVG
German Chocolate PieVNUTCO
White Chocolate MousseV
M & M CookiesV
Olive Foccacia BreadV
BBQ Baby Back Pork RibsGFI
Baked BeansVGGFI
Roasted Butternut SquashVGGFI
French Green BeansVGGFI
Spider ChickenGFI
Hibachi VegetablesVGGFI
Brown RiceVGGFI
Roasted FishFI
Sweet & Sour TofuVGGFI
Roman Cheese PizzaV
Roman Beef & Pork Pepperoni Pizza
Cauliflower Crust Cheese PizzaVGGFI
Fresh Fruit SaladVGGFI
MTO Spinach & Fruit Salad
German Chocolate PieVNUTCO
White Chocolate MousseGFI
M & M Chocolate Chip CookiesV
Olive Foccacia BreadV

V Vegetarian

VG Vegan

GFI Gluten Friendly Ingredients

NUT Contains Nuts

FI Contains Fish

SH Contains Shellfish

CO Contains Coconut


  • Oktoberfest Dinner, Thursday October 15
  • Reusable bags are being distributed at the HDC cashier's station. Use them, don't forget them. One bag per person. Replacement reusable bags $1.25, Plastic bags are $.25 each
  • NEW:  Printable weekly menu/Today's Table now available for residential dining. Click here:
  • MTO Salads available daily Monday -Friday at lunch and dinner. 
  • Hibachi, Fried Rice, Stir Fry Specials available Monday- Friday at lunch or dinner
Make a reservation at HDC.  As the weather gets cooler and days get shorter, seating might be a challenge at HDC.  Guarantee yourself a place to sit with a reservation.  
  • Go to your Grubhub app
  • Select HDC reservation
  • Select your time and you are done.
  • Show your reservation to the cashier when you come in.

As always, be a part of 117 days of Protecting our Web and our shared responsibilty to keep the campus safe.  Six feet. Mask up. Protect our web.

Meal Rates

Spider Card and Cash
Breakfast $8.00
Lunch/Brunch $10.75
Dinner $12.75
Special Dinner $14.75

Guest Card and Admissions
Breakfast $7.25
Lunch/Brunch $9.75
Dinner $11.75
Special Dinner: $13.50

Seniors (65 and over)
Breakfast $7.25
Lunch/Brunch $9.75
Dinner $11.75
Special Dinner: $13.50

Flex, Faculty and Staff with ID
Breakfast $6.75
Lunch/Brunch $8.00
Dinner $10.00
Special Dinner Rates: $12.50

Children (ages 2-9)
All meals $6.65