Community Involvement

To support our community Dining Services will:

  • Support the Central Virginia Food Bank through food and equipment donations.
  • Provide internship and training opportunities to support our local and state community.
  • Encourage staff support of the University's United Way Campaign.
  • Volunteer our skills and talents in support of the local community and provide funding to local food-related charities such as:
    -Caritas Healing Place, The Healing Place is a residential recovery facility. The Healing Place was brought to Richmond in 2005 when the Richmond Task Force on Homelessness identified a major need.
    -St Stephen's Food Pantry, St Stephen's Food Pantry provides nourishing foods to those in the community who cannot afford them.
    -Freedom House, Central Virginia Food Bank, and Meals on Wheels through donated meal credits.
  • Strengthen our ties to our local community by purchasing regionally produced items, such as Virginia Grown or Virginia's Best products when available and affordably priced.
  • ETC will continue to feature a section of Virginia's Finest and organic product

Community Partners

Faison Center and University of Richmond Dining Services Partnership

At the Faison Center, our mission is clear – to give children and adults with autism and related challenges the best opportunity to improve their life's journey through evidence-based practice. The Employment Academy specifically works with transition aged (14-22) students with the goal to best prepare them for employment after high school. To meet that goal we aim to teach a range of skills that are applicable across a variety of career settings, as well as job-specific skills. We place students at various, rotating internships throughout the school year and focus on training them the skills necessary to be successful at that site as well as skills that can be generalized in many different employment settings. Following a successful internship, we provide our students opportunities to continue to build upon these skills.

Our partnership with Lou's and Passport Café at University of Richmond allows us to give students who have shown interest and success with previous internships in the food industry the opportunity to put those skills to test in a fully functional setting. In addition to demonstrating the necessary skills to complete the tasks at Lou's and Passport Café, this internship provides a unique opportunity for our students to practice things like; navigating transportation systems to get to and from work, interacting with diverse populations, an opportunity to earn a ServeSafe certificate, and be mentored by outstanding staff at award winning facilities in University of Richmond Dining Services.