Community Involvement

Dining Services makes efforts to support our campus and the Greater Richmond community by:

  • Sponsorship and support of events that encourage healthy, sustainable relationships with food and nutrition.
  • Internship and training opportunities for young people interested in food service careers.
  • Food and equipment donations to FeedMore, Caritas Healing Place, and local food pantries.
  • Purchasing regionally produced items when available and affordably priced.


Here's what you can do to promote dining sustainability on campus:

  • Choose meals responsibly by only serving yourself what you will eat. If you find you want more, come back for seconds.
  • Limit the number of napkins you use.
  • Pay attention to waste and dispose of recycling and compostable materials in the proper containers.
  • Bring your own bag to our retail locations. ETC will give you a five-cent credit/bag for using your own bags.
  • Leave permanent ware in our food facilities (dishes, glasses, utensils, etc) so we do not have to replace it