Lost Student ID Cards

Treat your student ID just like a credit card. There is a good chance you have Dining Dollars, Spider Money and meals available on your card as well as dorm and possibly room access. Cashiers at dining locations on campus are trained to confiscate a card that is being used by the wrong person however, dorm and room access is still possible.

  • If your card is lost or stolen, deactivate it as soon as possible by either reporting it to the One Card Office or go on banner web to the SpiderCard balance link and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click de-activate my card.
  • Within 3 days of reporting a lost or stolen card, the student must go to the One Card office located in the Heilman Center on the second floor next door to the post office, and either get a replacement ID or if the ID is found, have the lost ID reactivated.
  • There is a $25 replacement fee for the lost or stolen ID's, and there is no charge for reactivating a found ID.
  • Until you receive a replacement ID or find your original ID, you will be allowed to use meal swipes and Dining Dollars at the Heilman Dining Center after signing the logbook located at the cashier station. Once the your card has been de-activated the use of Dining Dollars at the retail locations (cafes and stores on campus) will not be possible.
  • As stated under the "Identification Cards" section of the University of Richmond Student Handbook, valid ID cards are required for anyone wishing to eat in a dining hall under a meal plan. If an ID card has been lost or stolen, the Heilman Dining Center will allow a student access to meal service for 3 days under the following conditions.
  • Students are given the option to not deactivate their IDs. However, this may jeopardize the security of their account. The University of Richmond cannot be held liable if someone else diminishes funds while a student decides to delay cancellation.