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Meal Request Form

We are sorry you are not feeling well. While initially you may not want to eat, food and liquids can help in your recovery.  Please provide us with the following information so that we can best assist you. Your meal request must be at least 2 hours in advance of the time your pick up time. Thank you and we hope you feel better.

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Flu bag breakfast (bottled water, gatorade, whole fruit, oatmeal packet, applesauce cup, tea bags, apple, or orange juice)

Flu bag lunch or dinner: Bottled water, gatorade, whole fruit (apple, orange or banana), canned chicken noodle soup, jello, saltine crackers, applesauce cup, tea bags, apple and orange juice.

Hot lunch

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See HDC's menu

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Your meal card must be presented to the cashier. All alternate meals ordered due to illness will be deducted from your meal plan.

To speak to a manager, please call (804) 289-8522.

If you are submitting your request after 5pm or on a weekend, please call (804)289-8522 and speak to a manager to ensure your request was received.